At Medico Haus, we are dedicated to providing superior care and love to every dog. We specialize in breeding Dobermans and are located near Belgrade, in the beautiful surroundings of Serbia. Our kennel is a place where dogs are not only raised, but also become members of our big family. With an expert team and exceptional conditions, we ensure that every Doberman grows up healthy, happy and well socialized. Thank you for choosing Medico Haus – your reliable partner for breeding and caring for Dobermans. 


When we started our adventure with a dog kennel, our story started with two special Dobermans, the first puppy that traveled to Italy we named "Medico", while the second puppy from Germany we named "Haus". Medico and House were not only our dogs, but symbols of our love, devotion and the beginning of our journey with Dobermans. The combination of these names in our name "Medico Haus" is an amalgamation of our original inspiration, reflecting our deep connection with these wonderful animals and our desire to share that love with the world.

With us, every dog has its own story, and every litter carries the promise of the future. This is where friendships are born, challenges are overcome and love for this beautiful breed is nurtured. Sail into our world and discover the secret of the bond that makes us a family.

Our Doberman family brings together Doberman lovers and owners who share the same passion for these beautiful dogs. Here you can see the moments of happiness and togetherness that we share with our Dobermans and dear customers.

See pictures of our males and females, their moments in competition, during training and details of their pedigree. We are proud of their achievements and dedication, and want to share their story and achievements with you.

We are proud of each new generation and are happy to share information about available puppies, their origins and first steps in life. Check out the pictures and learn more about our current litters, you might find your new best friend right here.

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